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How to make Slim skinny legs?

The stovepipe is the girl’s lifelong pursuit, so how the stovepipe is a topic that everyone is very concerned about. Today, Xiaobian will introduce several very simple and practical methods.

1: the legs are 90° against the wall

Bed at night, the legs against the wall to 90 °, while stretched tight buttocks section and the leg muscles. Persist for half an hour every day, quasi-thin! Although this is a method that many people know, but the most practical method, insisting on a month will definitely have an effect.

In addition, people who have low blood pressure and sit for a long time every day can do this as well. Through the inverted legs, the circulation of body fluids is promoted, and all edema and other discomforts are alleviated.

2: empty cycling

Squatting in the air. Every day before going to bed, 蹬100, there is a fixed beat. Don’t let go immediately after you finish, prepare your posture, put your legs together and straight up into the air, don’t kneel back, straighten your toes, face for 3 minutes, then hang down. After finishing the above steps, the whole leg is a bit numb, and you must remember to massage your legs! Avoid muscle legs!

The reason why the big legs of the big nights become thin is that the muscles of the big legs are not strong enough, and the subcutaneous fat is too smooth. The air bicycle owner assumes that the big and big legs can also be thin buttocks, calves and lower abdomen. It can extinguish fat, firm muscles, and remove edema in the lower body. It is suitable for people who have radish legs in their calves. Because the legs will be exerted when the time is stepped on, the muscles of the calves in the big nights will be smashed, which can speed up the metabolism of the lower body and extinguish the fat, so it can improve the damaged muscles.

3: massage point method

The gallbladder is a meridian from head to toe. Most of the meridians are adjacent to other meridians. Only in the outer part of the big leg, as long as a gallbladder, and this gallbladder is the most convenient to beat.

Every day, at the four acupoints on the outside of the big leg, I beat hard, every time I hit it four times, every day I knocked the big legs up to 50 times each time, that is, two hundred next to each other. Because the muscles and fats of the big legs are very thick, it is necessary to force, and the beats of the big two nights are about two times to adjust the acupuncture points.

4: deep against the wall

The hips are not deep in the wall, and the legs are deep in the wall! The preparation is extremely simple, as shown in the figure.

Hope, feet and shoulder width, do not inside eight, each group is next to 30s-2min, each time two groups.

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