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How to quickly lose weight by stovepipe in a month?

The fastest way for girls to stovepipe one: massage with hot water and cold water while taking a bath

Every time you bathe, you must stand and wash, which will help you burn more calories. Rinse with hot water for two minutes, massage the thighs with your hands; then rinse with cold water for two minutes, then massage your thighs with your hands. Repeating this several times can promote the blood circulation of the thigh and help burn the excess fat on the thigh, thus achieving the purpose of slimming and thin legs.

The fastest way for girls to stovepipe two: Do high leg movement

After getting up in the morning, we can do five sets of high leg movements in the living room or room, one minute for each group, and each group can rest for a while. High leg lift is a good thin thigh exercise that moves well to the muscles on the thighs and promotes the burning of fat in the legs.

The fastest way for girls to stovepipe three: practicing yoga:

Yoga exercises require a long time to practice to see the effect, so in addition to eliminating the body’s fat, yoga can also create slender lines and perfect posture through stretching. One leg standing extended extension is best for stovepipe. It not only stretches the legs but also strengthens the strength of the legs and exercises the balance of the body.

The fastest way for girls to stovepipe four: bicycle posture

Before going to bed at night, lie on the bed, raise your feet, do a bicycle, and do 200 to 300 times a day. Practice the scissors legs after you finish. Separate your legs by about 80 degrees, then close them and separate them. A total of 80 times. The bicycle movement is very effective for the fat on the front side of the thin thigh, and the scissors legs can thin the inner side of the thigh.

The fastest way for girls to stovepipe five: skipping rope

Studies have shown that uninterrupted skipping for 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging for 30 minutes. At the same time, skipping rope has a certain effect on the cardiopulmonary system. Skipping is a low-cost, energy-intensive sport. But when you start practicing skipping, you can take a break in the middle, but the rest time should not be too long, otherwise, it will affect the exercise effect. Keep exercising for a long time and your legs will become tight.

The fastest way for girls to stovepipe six: squat

The lower jaw also has a good effect on the stovepipe. The lower jaw can focus on the lateral and medial muscles of the stovepipe. For the pear-shaped body, the MM needs to practice more squats. You can also watch TV or read a book to transfer your attention when you practice squatting, which not only makes the exercise easier, but also saves time. You have to practice for 20 to 30 minutes in order to be effective. The lower jaw has higher requirements for the knee joint, and the MM with joint damage should be prudently practiced.

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