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How to reduce the legs and thighs Quickly?

I believe we worry again, summer is coming, and MM is wearing a skirt Xiutui season, and thick calf can not only make people wear beautiful clothes, but also make people lose confidence. Is there any way to solve this problem? How to quickly reduce the leg? Now let us introduce the most effective stovepipe method, so that you can easily lose weight. Let’s take a look!

How to thin thighs and calves

  1. Lift the heel when going up the stairs and bear the weight with the legs. This can eliminate the fat on the inside of the thigh and the buttocks.

  2. When you are sitting on the chair, cover the two calves together and exchange the legs from one to eight. Repeat this action, do not stop breathing, so you can exercise the calf line.

  3. When sitting on a chair while watching TV, don’t bend your knees, lift one leg, and then put it down. Repeat this action 8-10 times and then change another leg to remove the flesh on both sides of the thigh.

  4. Speed ​​up when walking and walking, try to make the steps bigger, so that all the muscles on the legs can be exercised. Simply speaking, it is a dynamic walk, so the way to walk should be a habit.

What are the thin thighs and calves?

  1. Exercise should be moderate. You may ask, is this different from the first leg of the fat-legged practice? It is indeed different. Moderate exercise is for the good mover because too much exercise does not necessarily have any benefit unless you want to practice the muscles you set. However, I also saw friends who had been playing basketball for a few days, and the ligaments were broken. Fortunately, they recovered.
  2. relax after a period of exercise, then gently massage your legs, let the muscles relax, will not become hard radish legs. This experience comes from a friend who has been studying ballet for many years. She broke my impression of the general dancer’s flat chest and thick legs. Her body is beautiful, and it is said that every time she finishes her dance, the teacher will have two of them to massage the legs for each other.
  3. do not often take heavy objects. That is simply doing weight-bearing exercises! It will make the muscles of the legs come out! So when you move things, please ask the boys to help, when you buy food, pull the basket to go, often lifting heavy objects will also cause the back The burden.

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