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Is it liposuction and what are the effects?

Today plastic surgery advertising agency overwhelming, what female friends think, what they do, like on a recent liposuction stovepipe, said it was marvelous, then liposuction stovepipe effect okay? There are about liposuction stovepipe What issues need to be understood?
Follow the small series to look down.

Is the liposuction stovepipe effect good?

 Liposuction can achieve the purpose of stovepipe. Liposuction can remove subcutaneous fat from the body. After liposuction, it is wrapped by external pressure. The effect is good.

How long can liposuction last?

 In general, liposuction does not rebound once, because liposuction mainly reduces the number of fat cells, and even if it increases later, it will increase the volume of remaining cells, which is definitely much smaller than before. But after liposuction, proper diet control is still needed. Although the legs will not be fatter, they will be transferred to other parts of the body.

Who is suitable for liposuction surgery

 Liposuction stovepipe is not something anyone can do. The recommended age is 18-60 years old, healthy, and there are no people with high blood pressure, high blood fat, diabetes, and scars. In order to avoid the danger, blood tests, blood pressure, blood sugar, electrocardiogram, etc. are generally performed before liposuction, and the liposuction can be performed after the values ​​are up to standard.

Will liposuction hurt?

 Liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia. If you are worried about the pain in the book, you can also perform intraoperative dropper anesthesia. However, after 10 hours after the operation, there will still be a painful feeling after the anesthetic. The doctor can give some oral painkillers to relieve the problem.

What to pay attention to after liposuction

Wound treatment

 The wound after the operation should pay more attention. If it is a summer operation to prevent the wound from being infected, the gauze should be replaced in time, and it is impossible to take a bath after 3-5 days to avoid contaminating the wound.

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