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Tips for beauty and skin care | five steps to teach you how to care for your skin

Tips for beauty and skin care

Beauty Tips 1: Facial Skin Classification

Concerning skin problems?
How to use the mask correctly for different skins?

The first is the classification of the skin.

The normal classification is:

1 oily skin:

2 mixed skin:

3 dry skin:

4 mixed Oily skin:

when it comes to mixed skin, there is a combination of dry, mixed oily skin.

In addition to the mixed problematic skin, it includes:

1. slightly good skin;
2. acne skin;
3. sensitive skin;
4. acne skin.

Dear, what kind of skin do you belong to, do you know?

Beauty Tips 2: How to deal with mask use crisis knowledge

(1) How to maintain beautiful skin better? First share what is the mask? Nowadays, there are many kinds of facial masks on the market. Whether it is silk mask or non-woven fabric, this type of mask is called wet wipes. Everyone needs to know about this. The mask is a category among skin care products. Its main function is to add an addition to our skin after subtraction. What do we call the use of pre-mask subtraction? Deep facial cleansing must be done before applying the mask, including make-up remover, exfoliation and facial cleansing. This is an addition to facial subtraction, and this addition is an addition to the hydrating, whitening, and anti-aging face after subtraction. .

(2) (The principle of mask is to use a short time covering the face to temporarily isolate the air and pollution from the outside, improve the skin temperature, expand the pores of the skin, promote the secretion and metabolism of sweat glands, and increase the oxygen content of the skin. Conducive to the skin to exclude the metabolism of epidermal cells and accumulated oily substances, the moisture in the mask penetrates into the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the skin becomes soft and the skin is naturally bright and elastic.) So, when we apply the mask, we will see the slightest The shine is very clean and moist. This is one of the principles of applying a mask to achieve an effect on our face.

(3) In the process of talking about the mask, how long do we really apply the mask? No matter whether it is male or female, the time of applying the mask should not exceed 15-20 minutes, the essence should not exceed 15 minutes, and the essence should be no more than 20 minutes. The normal time is 15 to 20 minutes. Why does the mask not exceed the normal time period? Because the skin can’t be absorbed normally, it will remain on your skin surface and will be absorbed by your film and your skin’s moisture. This will cause adverse effects and even cause skin sensitivity. In the case of a normal skin mask, it is not necessary to overheat or be too cold. It does not need to be called hot water or freeze in the refrigerator. These do not need to be directed against normal skin.

Tips for Beauty and Skin Care 3: How does dry skin apply a mask to achieve better results?

Today, I will focus on how to apply a mask to dry skin to achieve better results.

First of all, we choose the mask for most people, including pregnant women. The choice of mask ingredients is safe, and the evaluation mask is high, and it is also the best mask approved.

How do the dry skin in the four types of skin adhere to the mask for better absorption and effect?

Dry skin: The problems faced by dry skin are dry lines, fine lines, peeling, dryness and so on. It is because the skin is dry and lacks oil, which causes the skin to dry. In the early stage, it is recommended to use the mask 3~5 times a week. In order to achieve skin hydration. After applying the mask, you can use it without cleaning. Use the residual essence to massage and absorb. The remaining essence is rubbed or used in other parts of the body. If the dry skin is dry, it is especially dry and itchy. Underneath, it is not necessary to heat or cool the mask, but to achieve a normal absorption and effect of the test tube at normal temperature. Dry skin masks cause redness and itching of the skin because the skin is too dry and this is a normal reaction. After using the mask, it is recommended to apply a cream so that the face can be locked with water to improve fine lines and dry lines.

Tips for Beauty and Skin Care 4: How do oily skin and mixed oily skin masks achieve better absorption and effect?

Today, I will focus on how to apply a mask to oily skin and mixed oily skin to achieve better results.

Oily skin and mixed oily skin are caused by excessive oil and water imbalance. The skin should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the mask, including exfoliating water. Oily skin should use toner and lotion as much as possible when using exfoliating and facial cleanser. Use a cotton swab or thick cotton pad to clean the face, especially the oily face to clean and then use the Xuan tube mask. After using the mask, it is necessary to clean the face and fall asleep, apply lotion and water. It is not recommended to use a cream. Why should oily skin be cleaned after using the mask? It is because if it is not cleaned, it will cause poor secretion of oil. Increasing the process of oil secretion is not cleansing. It is ok to clean with warm water. Normal use of lotion and water.

You can feel the oily skin and the mixed oily skin. When you wash your face, do you feel it? Now you can try it according to this method.

Tips for Beauty and Skin Care 5: How do sensitive skin, acne skin and acne skin get better absorption and effect?

Sensitive skin, acne skin, acne skin, sensitive skin should know whether it is allergic or because the skin has been exposed to the external environment for a long time, or sensitive to improper use of cosmetics, to distinguish the condition of the skin. First, what kind of skin is sensitive? Except for allergic skin, dry skin, long spots, red blood, skin rejuvenation, fruit acid or skin that is often used for instrumentation. These are collectively referred to as sensitive skin.

How to use sensitive mask to choose sensitive skin? In addition to the pure natural ingredients of the snail stock solution, we choose the mask that has been tested by the National Safety Inspection Department for hormone-free, chemical-free, lead-free mercury. It is safe and effective, and can be used with confidence. Sensitive people are worried about allergies? You can use the essence to do the experiment. The products you buy are pure natural ingredients, but do not discharge individual allergies. Everyone’s skin quality will be allergic to certain foods and items, and cannot be 100% discharged. We can reduce the allergic rate as much as possible. You can apply the product on your wrist or behind your ear (according to research, the skin is close to the face), observe 5-15 minutes, if it is red and hot, it is light. Suspension of this product by allergies. Before applying the mask to sensitive skin, thoroughly clean the skin with warm water. Do not use too cold or overheated water to clean, avoiding the increase of sensitivity. It is necessary to explain to the customer in detail to avoid unnecessary troubles and problems in the mask. The time period for applying the mask is 15 minutes. Don’t apply a mask for too long. If it is more than 15 minutes, it will cause the cells to become sensitive and red and itchy. The sensitivity caused by the lack of reaction is not a problem of our products. Do not apply cream, lotion, toner or other products after applying the mask. This will cause discomfort to the skin. Use our lotion to clean and wipe with a cotton swab. It can be cleaned without warm water.

It is reddening allergic skin, and you can use a mask with a low temperature in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to use any skin care products or a medical-specific mask for those who have already had red itchy rashes and wounds. Use a mask when the skin is getting better.

The problem caused by acne skin is due to problems such as gastrointestinal, spleen and stomach, constipation, and youth. To understand how acne skin is caused? Some acne is growing or repairing. The mask chosen is suitable for acne with acne marks but no wounds. It is not recommended to use any mask when acne breaks into inflammation or is caused by instruments. At this time, the inflammatory skin is in the process. In the repair, the use of the mask will bring the opposite effect. The problem of the cells absorbing the essence of the essence will cause the activity sensitivity to be strongly intensified. The mask should be used after the symptoms are alleviated, and even the best things are not suitable. Do not think that the mask on the market can inhibit the growth of acne, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antibacterial, do not exaggerate their products. The acne-pox cells are not able to develop normal metabolism and give us trouble and beauty. It is recommended that 5-7 times a week must not be heated and cooled. Normal temperature can be used. Do not use lotion after use. This will not cause the burden of excessive oil secretion.

If it is recommended for normal skin neutral skin, it is recommended to apply all the essence of the mask to the mask. When the skin absorbs the mask essence, the mask is removed. It is recommended to apply for 30~35 minutes 1~2 times a week. Especially for the skin with heavier pigmentation, why should such skin be used like this? Because all the essences penetrate into the skin, the skin is absorbed and absorbed back, promotes metabolism, and the cuticle is eliminated. Xuan’s large amount of essence can be used for 30 to 35 minutes. Sensitive skin is not recommended for long-term use.

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